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Digital strategy

Mastering your digital strategy

A digital strategy covers your entire business plan, from what you offer, to how you promote, sell and distribute your product or service.

When considering your digital strategy, you can ask yourself:

  • Do I want to offer a digital product or service or a physical product or a local service?
  • Do I want to sell in a boutique or on an online store?
  • Do I want to promote my business by providing free content on the internet or by holding talks and  joining events and conferences?
  • Do I want new people to find me online or learn about me by word of mouth?

When analysing the online potential of your business consider that cost of delivering high-end IT solutions is reducing all the time. To get started with your online business is no longer a years long process, but can sometimes be done now in just weeks or months. We can help you with estimating time and cost for the solutions you might need, and in most cases we can even do the work for you.

Your online strategy builds your brand, your customer base, and, very importantly, provides you with data. The trick, however, is how you make use of these assets in the digital world.

When we help you define and implement your online strategy, we make sure that the data you collect is used in an effective way to provide you with business insights and also for presenting the right marketing and offers in the digital space to the right audience.

With that said, note that the digital marketing strategy is a subset of your overall online strategy, and covers how you reach out to potential customers, how you increase sales and how you retain your current customer base.

When it comes to weather or not you need a website for your digital strategy, the answer is yes.

Why? First of all, customer expectations are very, very different now then a few years back. We know that around 80 percent of purchases are researched online before a customer goes into a store. Indeed, many customers now prefer to complete the purchase online. Even for grocery shopping, as much as 10 percent of customers will shop online.

You must have a website, irrespective of what digital strategy you choose. Your website can be just a business card, where people can learn more about your business, or it could be your entire web store, but not having an online presence is not even an option to consider.

Together, let’s develop a simple, efficient digital strategy which captures more attention and measurably develops more loyal customers.
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